'Coconut Tree' Neon Light

The Coconut Tree Neon Light is a stylish neon sign that illuminates the room. The ultra-bright LED’s in the silicone rubber tubing can produce a uniform beam of light that is eyecatching and modern. Use this light instead of a desk lamp by propping it up on your desk on its base, to create a unique atmosphere in your room. The sign can be powered in two ways, using USB plugged into a wall adapter; alternatively it can be powered by batteries. The cute, modern look of the sign makes it a great fit as a night light for children’s rooms. 17cm x 28.8cm/ 6.7″W x 11.3″H approx size

$79.00 $59.00

All of our signs are made to order by hand by our suppliers with the utmost attention to detail. This means that your order will not begin production until you have placed your order with us. Orders usually take between 3-4 weeks. If you would like your sign quicker add Express Delivery at Checkout. 

As all of our pieces are made to order we can only accept returns/exchanges on faulty items. However we cannot accept returns on custom items unfortunately as these pieces are made to order, therefore all sales are final once they are placed on our site. 

Some countries may be subject to duty/import fees on delivery, this all depends on what country you are ordering from and how the import law works there. Please be aware import fees or duty are the responsibility of the customer and Remarkable Neon will not be responsible for covering these costs. 

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